Cult classic ‘Gilmore Girls’ to be revived on Netflix

Originally published in Student Life.

This summer, while I watched the “Gilmore Girls” reunion at the ATX Television Festival, I thought my dreams had come true: The majority of the cast of the show that I grew up on sat on the stage, joking with each other and talking of the golden days. Little did I know that on Monday, October 19th, TVLine would announce that, according to its sources, Netflix confirmed four 90-minute installments of the show, to be written by creator Amy Sherman-Palladino.

The show originally lasted for seven seasons, though Sherman-Palladino’s absence in its last caused many fans to question the direction and integrity of the show. Sherman-Palladino has said that she always knew the last four words of the show. Due to her untimely separation from the show, fans were left wondering what those four words were—now, we get our answer.

The installments will span over the four seasons and take place in present time, constituting an eight-year jump for the Stars Hollow characters. Supposedly Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel (the Lorelai Gilmores) have already confirmed their return. Meanwhile, Rory’s love interests Jess (Milo Ventimiglia) and Dean (Jared Padalecki) have both expressed an interest in the past in reuniting, especially if Sherman-Palladino were to get involved.

Many questions still have to be answered: Will Rory’s most recent jilted love interest, Logan (Matt Czuchry) make an appearance? Is April (Vanessa Marano) still involved in Luke’s (Scott Patterson) life? What will Friday night dinners be given the death of the beloved Gilmore patriarch actor, Edward Herrmann?

But, most importantly, what has happened in the eight years of their lives that we haven’t been a part of? There will certainly be at least a small level of discontinuity, given Sherman-Palladino’s switch back to the writing/producing team and husband Daniel Palladino’s switch back to the director/producer sphere. The time jumps of the show would certainly be conducive to a Rory and Jess rekindling—the pair has, throughout the series, come together at just the wrong time—or a satisfying Luke and Lorelai conclusion—with April grown up, the pair may have another June 3rd opportunity—although something tells me that the writers won’t give into the fan clamorings that have been accumulating in the 15 years since its premiere.

Though of course the concerns are primarily centered currently around the return of the main characters, the authenticity of Stars Hollow will rest in Netflix’s ability to secure the return of serialized town residents, like the eccentric Kirk (Sean Gunn), Miss Patty (Liz Torres) and Paris (Liza Weil), and unique scripts that will transfer to the new feature-length format of the installments.

With the news practically official now, all fans of the show have to do is wait for an announcement of its return date—and comb through its seven seasons for a refresher.